Welcome to you! Maeva e manava!

I am Amandine Herbeth, passionate about travel, the Pacific and Polynesian art. I invite you to discover my creations inspired by Polynesia, sports of sliding and Zen art.

Living since 2005 in the South Pacific and 2011 in French Polynesia, I discovered many islands of the Pacific during all these years. My interest and my love of art, culture and the people of the Pacific, it is in Tahiti that I settled to develop first an online shop of Marquisian crafts (called Hinanui Polynesian Art).

My many trips have developed my desire to keep them on paper and I have made several travel books.

The energy of creativity present in Polynesia then reconnected me with my artistic side. I created jewelry in Tahitian pearls and painted tapa parallel with my shop.

From now on, I dedicate myself to my personal development activity (The Life of My Dreams), intimately connected to the energetic paintings that I make in the form of mandala. Being a great enthusiast of surfing, va’a (Polynesian canoe) and the ocean, I also create Surf Art objects showcasing the Tahitian language. I also continue to paint tapa.

You can contact me for specific creations or paintings, I’ll be happy to create for you. For this, contact me on this form.

The paintings and creations I make are currently visible at my home in Paea – Tahiti.

They can be ordered directly from the shop.

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