I have made this Mandala called “Re-Union” at the request of a client. It symbolizes the reunion of two beings in this life, who lived several lives together.

At the heart of the mandala are represented all the lives that we share these two beings together. These lives were complex and full of experiences, quite tumultuous. The second wheel of the mandala in green tones represents the bonds they have woven with the will to love each other. In the third wheel, flowers of paradise birds are there and carry deities, as if these deities had always been there to protect and bless them. The last wheel in ocean blue symbolizes turtle shells. Small turtles emerge in the green ocean of unconditional love and gold, spiritual gold. There are turtles representing the spiritual connection between these two beings. There are other turtles carrying renewal, travel, movement.

Acrylic on canvas – 30 x 30 cm – created with love in Tahiti

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